Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nail Art Tutorial: Travel Mani

Greetings from Windsor, Ontario!  I'm here (a 2.5 hour drive away from home) to meet with a new member of my Passion Parties Team. I also needed to get my nails done before my weekend of conferences (The Women's Lifestyle Show in London as well as The Mompreneur Conference are this weekend). So...I did a road-manicure on my drive to Windsor! No, I don't deserve a distracted driving ticket...I just made strategic rest stops between coats. And I'm kind of in love with how it turned out...
Fingernail art: Charcoal Grey with sparkly pink tiger stripes on the thumb and ring finger.

I did a quick base-coat just before leaving the house and then got in the car and drove to Starbucks for my travel beverage! After getting my travel beverage...I parked and painted my first coat of Julep's Brandt...a lovely dark grey that is almost black. Note for those who may try this in their own car: I brought a towel along with me that went across my lap while I was painting and wedged the open bottle between my thighs to keep it from spilling while I painted. At the first ONroute (a chain of rest stops along major Ontario Highways) which was a convenient 30 minutes down the road, I pulled into their parking lot, turned off my car, and painted the second coat of Brandt...then carefully started my car and kept driving while it dried. At the next ONroute, I had to take a break anyway...if you know what I mean...and so did that before painting the next step.
Fingernail art: Charcoal Grey with pink tiger stripes on the thumb and ring finger.
On this step, using Julep's Raegan, I made sure there was very little nail polish on the brush and then dragged it from the edge of my nail to just past the middle...then from the opposite edge to just past the middle...and so-on from the base of my nail to the tip.  The look I was going for turned out best on my left thumb (shown here) of course because it was the last one I did.  Note that no special tools were needed...just the brush from the bottle...I was in my car, after all!
Fingernail art: Charcoal Grey with sparkly pink tiger stripes on the thumb and ring finger.
At the next stop (30 minutes away again), I did the same process as above with Julep's Monica, my pink tinted sparkle polish to brighten the pink.  I probably could have just brushed the whole nail in this color but roughly followed the same lines I made with the Raegan.

And voila...I saved myself the sit-around-and-don't-touch-anything time involved in doing my own manicures, I saved my partner the headache he gets when I paint my nails in the house, and felt like my drive time was productive so I wasn't tempted to do thinks that would have earned me a distracted driver ticket

Do try this in your car if you're also a busy woman who loves painting her own nails!

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