Sunday, February 8, 2015

Smile More!

This week, my little change is to smile more. A smile can be a powerful thing. Just using the facial muscles required for a smile will trigger the production of the hormones that make us feel happy. Once the happy hormones are flowing, smiling feels more and more natural.
"A smile is a powerful gift." Emoticon and text over painting by Shari Monner,

What a simple little change...with such great feedback. Not only will I be happier myself but every time I smile at someone, I have a chance to make them feel just a bit happier too. Whether they are compelled to return a genuine smile or feel socially pressured to return the smile and use those special facial muscles, I have made that someone happier; I have made their day better; and these happy feelings will feed back to make my day better too.

With every person I smile at, I will feel better and better, the smile will feel more and more natural, and my environment will become increasingly friendly.

Smile Tips:

1. Keep that smile on your face even after the recipient passes...nothing ruins a smile exchange like the premature relaxation of those smile muscles…so hold that smile longer even when it feels a bit forced.

2. Smile at the parent as well as the child. Smiling at kids is reflexive for some of us...probably because they mimic facial expressions so readily. Ever worry what a parent thinks when they catch you grinning or making funny faces at their child? Smile at them first or smile at them when they notice and you’ll both worry less about it.

3. Smile with your eyes. Not just because the eyes are the windows to the soul...but also because the more muscles that participate in the smile, the more happy hormones you’ll get.

4. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Give and receive at the same sounds a bit strange but it really is good for building confidence too.

5. Smile when no one is looking. You don’t have to smile at anyone in particular. Smile at a thought, an animal doing strange things, a flower that is pretty...anything!

Feel free to join me in my active change. I love to hear about the difference these little changes can make.

Have Fun! :)

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