Friday, May 23, 2014

Currently I'm... catching up!

Currently I'm...

Reading...many Biology and Philosophy papers and books for my Prospectus Course.
Playing...Androminion (a phone app version of Dominion) between papers. kick my caffeine addiction without the withdrawal headaches. 
Cooking...for myself this coming weekend because my partner is out of town at a conference.
Eating...breakfast. :)
Drinking...water...and then my half-caff. coffee. local party hosts for the next few weeks to tell them that I'll be bringing free Chil Frozen Yogurt to their party for all their guests.
Texting...using amazing app that allows me to schedule texts. 
Pinning...crochet projects I want to try if I ever get time to pick up a hook again.
Tweeting...on my new Twitter Profile.
Crafting...less than I'd like. 
Scrapping...(as in tossing/donating since I don't scrapbook) old clothing, jewelry, and shoes that I haven't worn in a long time. data entry to get caught up for the summer. Calgary for Passion Power in a few weeks. new nail design...inspired by Spring Art, Van Gogh and Julep's Bed of Roses Mani
Hating...the cloudy weather...I want more sunshine.
Discovering...that I enjoy watercolor painting.
Enjoying...reading philosophy of biology papers for my research.
Thinking...about the biological character concept.
Feeling...nostalgic...I miss my parents' farm.
Hoping (for)...a nice warm (but not too hot) summer.
Listening (to)...the birds chirping and singing outside my window. 31st Birthday in a couple weeks.
Smelling...the good thing about this weather is the smell.
Thanking...Lisa at Salon Entrenous for the awesome new haircut.
Considering...getting new pictures taken. spring cleaning. post again more regularly on my blog. :)

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