Monday, September 30, 2013

Currently I'm... all over the place!

This blogger activity looked like a fun way to relax and reflect.  Thanks, Shan, for the idea.

Currently I'm...

Reading..."Rethinking Normalcy: A Disability Studies Reader" with a reading group at school. 
Watching...Spaced with my partner. balance my personal health with a schedule of exam study.

Cooking...very little. My partner loves to cook so he makes us dinner every night and I get to handle the clean-up.
Eating...apples for dessert. Hand picked by my friend, Helana and her husband this weekend.
Drinking...water. customers who had expressed interest in hosting parties in October.
Texting...a friend who wants to start her own Passion Parties business to tell her about the special offer that will be available for the next two days. hair up because it has been a bit unruly today.
Tweeting...about the holiday specials I'm most excited about.
Crafting...a vision board full of images that represent my goals and desires. old tea set to make room in my cupboards for the cups we use and my shiny new tea pot. I'll actually be giving it away because it is in really good condition. 
Doing...deep breathing exercises 3 times a day so I can slow my breathing on command when I feel myself getting anxious or stressed. a philosophy of science conference at The University of Western Ontario this weekend and excited to meet some of the philosophers of biology whose work I read often. much time I've been able to spend with my partner over the last week. Spending time with him is a big part of my own personal health.
Hating...the little bugs that seem to be preventing my mint seedlings from growing into mint plants.
Discovering...that I need more sleep each night than I've been getting over the past few weeks. new pillow that I picked out by laying my head on pillow after pillow at the bed shop.
Thinking...that I should paint my nails tonight but not sure what color(s) to use this time or how complex I want my nail art to be.
Feeling...tired because I stayed up too late last night and then got up early this morning. Tonight is going to be an early night.
Hoping (for)...greater concentration over the next few weeks as I study for my exam.
Listening (to)...the crickets chirping.
Celebrating...having a really productive day at school.
Smelling...very little because of the remains of a head cold I had last week. friends and partner for being patient with me as I work on regaining my school-work-life balance.
Considering...getting up early enough to go for a run tomorrow morning. team newsletter for the Passion Parties consultants on my team. I am really excited for the contest I've designed and the prizes they get to win over the next three months.
Starting...a new routine involving more sleep and time for relaxation before bed so I can be well rested and more productive during my waking hours.
That was great.  I think I'll do it more often and see if I get slightly less all over the place with my answers as I regain balance.
Happy October,
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