Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fun with Nails.... Happy August!

I became impatient waiting for my August Julep Maven box to arrive (I don't actually expect it until next week...I'm really just impatient) and decided to make use of some of my favorite colors and my new dotting tool set (thanks to Rebekka at Chupacabra Style for her suggestion).
Two hands with beige nail color accented in iridescent beige french tips and pink dot flowers.

These were actually really nice and simple.
Step 1: base always
Step 2: two coats of Vera by Julep
Step 3: french tip with Zelda by Julep 
(using french manicure strips because I haven't yet mastered the free hand version)
Step 4: a circle of 5 dots in Janel by Julep for flower petals on my thumbs and ring fingers
Step 5: a dot of Yumi by Julep in the center of the flower (I love that it looks like a gem stone on my nail but is flat so will last longer).
Step 6: top coat (2 coats so it will last longer)
In fact, I used her Summer Confetti Nails technique to do fun pedicures on my family while I was on vacation with them in July. You get to catch up a lot more when you slow down to wait for polish to dry.  :) If you'd like to get fun new nail colors mailed to you each month like I've been indulging in as of late  (except on those tight budget months when I skip it), you can become a Julep Maven too. If you'd also like to give me a present that won't cost you anything extra...please include this invitation code as part of your sign up order: 13338556. As with any good addiction, you can get your first box free.  Try these codes: FREEBOX or JULEPVIP or FREEMAVEN.  Happy August!
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