Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun with Nails... Happy Canada Day!

My favorite relaxation therapy these days has been to take the time to paint my nails...
Two hands with red and white nail art designs.

Well this weekend, in honor of Canada Day, I spent a bit more time and learned a couple new tricks to make my nails really fun.

After base coats and a coat of color on each finger, I did water marble on my my fingers (lazily doing two fingers at a time). Here is a video I found afterward with some tips I wish I'd found yesterday. I then put two coats of the red ("Rose" by Julep) on my thumbs and once completely dry I used strategically placed french-manicure stickers to get clean lines with the white in the middle of my thumbs ("Bunny" by Julep). Finally, once everything had dried completely, I added maple leaves that I cut out of Canada Day temporary tattoos. And of course I added a top coat to everything when I was done to protect my hard work.

While I haven't posted pictures of my feet, my toes match with just two coats of red on the smaller toes and white on the big toe with a larger maple leaf temporary tattoo on the big white toe nails.

  If you'd like to get fun new nail colors mailed to you each month like I've been indulging in as of late  (except on those tight budget months when I skip it), you can become a Julep Maven too. If you'd also like to give me a present that won't cost you anything extra...please include this invitation code as part of your sign up order: 13338556.  Happy Canada Day Weekend! :)
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