Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nail Art Tutorial: Snake Skin

Finger Nail Art by Vary Niche dot com: Complete Design for a Snake Skin Look
Once upon a time I had a pet python named Persephone. I loved her very much but when I moved to London, Ontario for school, I had to give her up. Persephone is now (as far as I know, still) at the University of Calgary, helping teach Veterinary Students to care for exotic pets like snakes. I miss her often and once in a while I try a new snake skin nail art design in her honor.

Here is an attempt with all iridescent colors.

Step 1: Do your usual base coat routine and then two coats of your base color. Here, I used Harrow by Julep
Tutorial Step 1: Finger Nails with two coats of Harrow, an iridescent gold nail color from Julep.

Step 2: Then I used a dotting tool to make patches of the second color, this one is Candace by Julep.
Tutorial Step 2: Finger nails from Step 1 with dotted irregular shaped patches of Candace, an iridescent dark brown nail color from Julep.

Step 3: Then I took a third color and put smaller patches inside the patches I had made in step 2. If I had my full color set at hand I would have used a darker beige but here I used Margot by Julep.
Tutorial Step 3: Finger nails from step 2 with dotted patches of Margot, an iridescent light beige nail color from Julep, partially covering the darker patches.

Step 4: Finally, I took a lighter fourth color and highlighted around the outside of the patches with lines of dots. Again, the color I used here doesn't provide as much contrast in the design as I'd like but looks awesome in the sunlight. It is Katerina by Julep.
Tutorial Step 4: Finger nails from step 3 with dotted lines of Katerina, an iridescent champagne nail color from Julep, framing the patches from step 3.

And as usual I topped it off the a top coat to protect my art for a bit longer.

I will post other color combinations as I try them. Please feel free to post yours in the comments as well. :)

Happy painting.